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    For those who loved and grew up with Avalon Hill’s early war games, for those who have more recently fell in love with those games (such as myself :) ), for those who want to research the foundation of RPGs, for those who want to edify themselves on some of the games that will be going on at Gary Con III, and for my fellows who are associated with C.A.B.S., here is a hyperlink to the first 108 issues of General Magazine on PDF for free. (Yep; FREE!) :D

    These issues are 12 and 16+ pages, black & white with some color covers. They also had a matching color back page which is unreadable in color, so it has been converted to B&W. Scanned at 600dpi, cleaned up, straightened, contrast adjusted, and saved as PDF, which has been OCR'ed for easy searchability.


    These are the coolest game magazines I have read concerning games since I was able to read the first 200 (The) Dragon magazines on PDF CDs! I highly recommend them!!! :ugeek:
  2. shalaban

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    The free PDFs are on the left side near the bottom.
  3. the keeper

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    THANX, BUNCHES! Now I got some holiday reading.
  4. Emperor Xan

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    Eric, this is super awesome.
  5. shalaban

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    I’m glad you guys are digging them! :D Spread the world, they are great magazines! :)
  6. javier

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    Thanks. These ARE Awesome! Great reads.

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