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    I'd like to invite all gamers to the second year of ConTessa, happening in February. You can read more at or join our G+ community.

    We are currently looking for GMs who use 'she' as their personal pronoun of choice to run games. If you've never run a RPG before, here's your chance to do so alongside other women. Some of the games we saw last year were:

    • Monsterhearts
      World of Darkness
      Monster of the Week
      Dungeon World
      Precious Dark
      Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
      Star Wars

    In addition to GMs, we'll also need more people to play and watch our panels! Our listings of events will let you browse to see which games are offered and if they still need players. It will be updated as we add games.

    We're currently running an Indiegogo campaign - Feel free to share that around.

    Have questions? Feel free to contact me here or to email us at [email protected]. Hope to see you there!

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