Dealer room hours & exhibitors

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  1. Dale

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    Here is the official information concerning the Dealer room:

    Dealer room hours for Gary Con VI:
    Thursday 9am - 5 pm
    Friday 9am - 5 pm
    Saturday 9am - 5 pm
    Sunday 10am - 2 pm (ish)

    Dealer Room Exhibitors:
    Eldritch Enterprises
    Troll Lord
    Northwind Adventure
    Noble Knight
    Jeff Easley
    Larry Elmore
    TPK/ Tony Szczudlo
    Lesser Gnome
    UH Publishing
    Black Blade
    2 Girls 1 Brush
    Goodman Games
    Die Cast Games

    Clyde Caldwell - Saturday only

  2. stahlnee

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    Sweet! Thank you for the update.

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