Event Registration OPENS at 4 PM (EST) Sunday, Feb 9th

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dale, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. zorman

    zorman Level 0 Character

    Dale, when can we expect the points for events we have turned back in to be returned to us?
  2. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    Sorry about that. You have been refunded. Thanks for your patience, and see you in March!
  3. Navar

    Navar Level 0 Character

    I started event registration at 4 sharp. Got three of my four top choices quick. Was only shut out of one, Frank's Ticket to Ride on Sunday morning. Next year I register that one first. I then took some time to fill in my schedule. I had no problems. Thanks, Dale & team for your hard work on this.
  4. Scott308

    Scott308 Chevalier

    I'd hold onto that one. When you get there, see what you can do, but I wouldn't give it up yet. A spot might open up and then you'd kick yourself if you got rid of your spot. Remember, at Gamehole I bought my badge and registered for the Saturday Night Special on Friday, so you never know. Keep checking on both those games to see if a spot opens.
  5. madgael

    madgael Level 0 Character

    I agree that an email with some notice would have been helpful for those not checking the forums daily. I mean I've already paid for the badge, so it's not like I'd consider it spam. And the home page still says even now "Event submission is completed- and Event Registration will be announced in the near future!" so checking in on the main site as I have been doing was of no help unfortunately.

    As it is, the first indication I had that you guys even decided on a date was a friend emailing me a couple of hours ago to ask if I had gotten the stuff I had wanted before it sold out. Very disappointing. Though I guess I got to skip clean over the "goblin" issues, so that's a silver lining...
  6. Corrilwynn

    Corrilwynn Level 0 Character

    I am also very disappointed. I've never been to GaryCon before and bought my badge and was very excited to go. I made sure I was on the emailing list thinking that I would receive an email with the registration date. I also checked the event registration page often to see if a date had been posted (the event registration page seems like the logical place to me for the event registration date to be posted). I saw no indication anywhere that the date/time would be posted in the forum or on Facebook. I was reading Google+ posts last night when someone mentioned all of his games at GaryCon got filled. I rushed over to the site, and everything was gone. Well, I guess this is a learning experience, and next year you can bet I'll be obsessively checking that forum several times a day so I don't miss out again. Man, was I excited to go! I know I could still go, but I was going to fly in from VA by myself. I really don't want to make the trip by myself and spend all that money to get there and just hope I can find games to join.
  7. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    A couple thoughts (well three):
    1. I totally sympathize.
    2. There are events that are showing as filled in the event catalog that actually have openings. They are fixing the glitch and will make an announcement when the events are reopened, so there is still a chance you could get into the games you especially want.
    3. Even if you don't get into your first-tier events, there are still lots [ETA: "many" is probably a more accurate term at this point] of events open and there will be a lot of open gaming at the con. You will definitely be able to find events to join one way or another. When I went to Gary Con 1, there were no preregistered events. It was ALL open gaming. Open gaming has a strong tradition at Gary Con. I've been somewhat tempted lately to try "suiciding" by not registering for anything so that I am forced to socialize more and find whatever random games I can as the con unfolds. I think that would be a pretty cool way to do Gary Con, actually. Finally, a lot of the filled games will have openings at game time. People oversleep, get sucked into something else, or simply forget to show for their games.
  8. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    Don't be discouraged! Many games will open up the day of the event. Many, many, many pickup games will be held. There is much to do and enjoy at GC!
  9. kersus

    kersus Footpad

    Ticket to Ride went FAST! I am in agreement with you. I have a feeling I signed up for too much, but we'll see. Last time I pretty much walked into most games.
  10. jdustin

    jdustin Level 0 Character

    I too am disappointed that I didn't receive an email or see a post on the website. I didn't hear about registration until two hours after it opened. Consequently, I missed many games I wanted. Please change the procedure for notifying attendees next year.

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