KISS, the Keep It Simple System

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    Well, it was a long time coming. This stuff just isn't easy anymore. My first draft of the Keep It Simple System was confusing according to the feedback I received. I had put it up on RPGNow as a free playtest download, but maybe I am getting smarter. This will be offered as a free download on Polyhedron Games LLC for a limited time to provide playtesting opportunities. Hopefully, this version is playable. There is a comment section for playtesting on the site. Please use that to register your observations. I can't post this on the KenzerCo boards due to their strict rules on advertising so this is going to be announced in only three places. Through February 12th, you can download the rules for free on the "Upcoming Products" page. Please, don't take advatage of this unless you can truly provide a playtest experience. Thanks.
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    I've recently been working on "The Keeper's Section," a section of tips for the GM in running KISS™. This will be included in the final product. I made a couple of minor changes in the character sheet to accommodate Keepers' options.

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