Long-running AD&D play-by-post game inviting solid posters to join.

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    I'm currently looking to add players to my AD&D game, which is set in my own home-brewed realm. We've just passed the nine-year mark, and it currently has a solid group of 40 characters who have combined, split, and/or re-formed for numerous adventures over the years, as the case may be.

    (So why ask for more players? Because this might be a good time for someone who's been looking for a game to join one.)

    It's the type of old-school game where lots of adventure is out there to be found, if one isn't too lazy to go look for it. In the game, I'm the referee, not the storyteller. I'm putting the call out for players who might start together, but may also end up running into other 'veteran' adventurers along the way. No group is required to stay together 'till death do they part', although certain folks have decided to do just that.

    The game is called The Mines of Nemrac (an ADnD campaign). You'll see me in the game as DMJSC. You'll need to register with rpol.net if you haven't already.

    Here's the (sloppy :oops: ) link:


    It's a solid PHB, DMG, MM game. UA spells are okay for spellcasters, but not the races and classes.

    (Please don't ask to play a drow.)


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