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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by heyscot, Feb 3, 2016.

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    some of us are not balding yet...
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    Addendum to my earlier Post: I was one of the ones affected by by the over sale of tickets to games and would recommend the following

    We were notified on Friday that registration would reopen Sunday at noon, since we had our tickets, we assumed all was fixed and went about our business
    Late Saturday we got a generic email that a game has been oversold and to check our accounts (after plans for Sunday had been made and many people do not check email on weekends) So those of us who had tickets to games through no fault of our own, were now suddenly competing with an entire convention full of people to replace the oversold tickets if we could be there when registration reopned

    Notifying the GP over sale should have been done with a personal email and an offer to allow them to find another ticket without having to compete with everyone
    Sending a list of available GP games would have helped

    Even lying to me and saying that if someone returns a ticket I would be on a wait list... dim hope is better than no hope

    Some of us running games have specific time limits on when we can play and I am very narrow minded on what game systems I am interested in

    I understand that things happen, I was more upset by the way it was handled and the statements after the fact. I simple do not feel like my value is recognized...

    Yes, I reacted poorly to this whole situation, for that I am sorry, but I feel my personal needs were not being addressed as compared to the commitment I made

    Now I have had to buy games I really have no interests in playing simply to have something in my pocket if I feel like playing (although the World War Tesla did peek my interests)
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    Ahhh Management of are an elusive mistress....
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    This is a very rational, unemotional explanation of your situation and I thank you for that! I don't really have anything to counter what you said, as you are pretty much right. We simply didn't have enough people in place to do the right thing. The folks that were notified of their oversold ticket with the generic email were those that we just ran out of time to address personally before we needed to get things rolling again. It was a choice between several bad options. That's not how we want to do things, not how we'll be prepared to deal with it in the future, and we certainly appreciate your feedback. We still plan to deliver an awesome product to everyone in March, and we'll be better at this stuff next time around. In the mean time, shoot me a PM if there is anything we can do to help you out.
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