Melf stories?

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by rossik, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Dad created most of the formal versions of spells, monsters and items. I would give him ideas or tell him as DM the things Melf or Strix or whomever. So "inspired by" is the right way to refer to stuff like Melf's Minute Meteors, Melf's Acid Arrows, Bullywugs etc.
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    What is it with you Gygax people?!? Every answer leaves another question!

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    Isn't that the mark of a good storyteller? Always leave 'em asking for more? ;)
  4. rossik

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    hi luke!

    loved to read every story you have to tell.
    you too are aimport part of RPG history, so its very nice to read them.

    any untold story/facts/detaisl/anything more you cold share?
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    I do, but I just don't have the time to set them down in writing at the moment. I always mean to do so, but then it slips my mind. The best way is to hear the stories in person over a couple of brewskies- say at Gary Con for instance.

    I appreciate your interest and will hopefully soon, satisfy your curiosity.

  6. rossik

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    thanks for the kind words, luke!
    i will have to wait after GCII then, but i wish i could go :cry:

    sad thing we dont have a very strong (like, acting together) RPG comunity here in brazil, so we could call you here to a Con or something.
    or just to see the beach, drink "caipirinha" and talk RPG :D
  7. rossik

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    hi luke!

    if you have any time, please tell us more Melf stories!

    i was reading the entry for Melf in the Wikipedia, and theres a "common knowledge" about how the name "Melf" came to be: as a kind of short for "Male Elf".

    is this true?

    (oh, also, one more question: in the melf histories, the sistem was 1ed AD&D, right? -just checking)
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    No Melf was named Melf simply because it rhymed with Elf and was fun to say. I tried to edit the wikipedia entry several times a few years ago, but they always deleted my editing. So I gave up. Funny really.
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    Yeah, they probably think you're some smartass claiming to be Luke Gygax.

    Hell, I've gamed with you and stuff and I'm still suspicious.... :lol:
  10. mark

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    And we all know there's only one smartass who can claim to be Luke Gygax!
  11. francisca

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    Luscious Maximus!
  12. Melf

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    :lol: Damn, guess that typo will haunt me for awhile longer. I thought it was forgotten by now :oops:
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  15. rossik

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    thanks, luke!
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    Luke, I was reading some old stuff your dad wrote, and I came across this:
    In punishment for crimes against nature, Melf was commanded to rise before dawn each morning for a year, frolic merrily at dawn singing:
    "When the sun in the morning peeps over the hill
    and caresses the rosebuds on my windowsill,
    my heart fills with gladness when I hear the trill,
    of the birds in the treetops around any old hill.
    Tra-la-la, fiddle-dee-dee-dee it gives me a pain, to dance and sing this, must I do it again?
    Tra-la-la, fiddle-dee-dee-dee there’s penance to do, how happy I'll be when it’s finally through!”

    What were Melf's crimes against nature?
  17. geekpreacher

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    The more important question is, "Did Luke have to do this in character?" :shock:

    The next most important question, "Is there audio or video of said event?" :lol:
  18. Dale

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    I want the 8mm video of said event. :p
  19. Druvas

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  20. Melf

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    Actually that scenario happened to another character of mine an evil thief or assassin as I recall. I was very young- maybe 10 - on a fishing trip with Dad. We played some D&D at night and I managed to do something not very evil and as punishment some powerful wizard or perhaps it was Zagyg exacted some punishment. I had to sing that song and dance every morning. And yes there was a physical enactment. I learned to stick to NG and CG characters. I am not very good at playing evil characters....

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