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Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by silas, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. silas

    silas Chevalier

    Well, we are back from GenCon, and while much fun was had, there were many headaches this year that make me appreciate GaryCon all the more!

    The convention was simply too crazy and disorganized.

    John and Michael had to wait hours in line for their event tickets at midnight on Wednesday because the tickets were misplaced by GenCon staff. It was a cluster ...

    There was a biker rally on Saturday night in downtown Indy that kept convention attendees up all night. Cops everywhere, fights, trash in the streets, vandalism, etc.

    Service in the restaurants was worse than usual. The food at the RAM was like Jack in the Box this year.

    I didn't get into any RPG events because of the registration issues. I did run a few games ...

    Parking in the lot across from the ICC went from $25 a day last year to $28.50 a day this year. Rape

    Hotel refused to give us extra blankets. Internet was broken the whole time. Staff was rude, and it seems like merchants in Indy are starting to take GenCon attendees for granted.

    So I am off to Origins next year (along with GaryCon of course).
  2. sniderman

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    Although I didn't encounter any "bad" issues with Gen Con, the shine of Gen Con has worn away for me. I posted about it at my blog, and I've decided to forego Gen Con next year and partake of smaller cons in my area, as well as Origins (I live about an hour north of Columbus, Ohio, and used to attend Origins regularly). So next year will be Origins, smaller Ohio/Michigan cons, and -- of course -- Gary Con as the coup de gras.
  3. silas

    silas Chevalier


    We are going to Origins next year (already have a hotel reservation).

    Should be at least 3 members of the DGS (myself, Michael, and Chad). If you have been to Origins before, you can fill us in on what to expect. I wasn't sure how registration and hotels worked.

    We can certainly meet up with you at the con

    [email protected] Level 0 Character

    My experience this year wasn't quite as bad as yours, but I did notice a couple of the things you mentioned.

    The food at the RAM has definitely sunk in quality (I used to remember the burgers being huge and tasty) and the fries were often cold but for me it was made up by the Mr. Maniacal IPA they had on tap as a seasonal (it was delicious.) However, those new food van vendors took some of the wait out of getting a seat at the Bar in the RAM (Which is the only way I eat over there anyways.)

    FYI, the parking in the Circle Centre Mall (the entrance is next to the RAM) was $20 a day MAX, and I've never had trouble finding a spot (though some years I've had to just go straight to the roof to find a spot.) I've always stayed at hotels by the airport on I-465 on the west side so have always had to park in the garage.

    I usually spend my time in the Auction and the Dealer room, and this year was alright. I was little disappointed in the Auction store this year (no fault of the Auctioneers) just too many people dumping product at straight e-Bay prices. And the supply of shrink wrapped AD&D stuff is steadily disappearing so I might have to start searching elsewhere to fill in my collection. I think I might be shifting my focus to getting modern board games (FF, Mayfair, etc...) at a discount instead. I lucked out and picked up Arkham + 5 expansions for $150 off retail.

    For me it didn't seem to crowded, but I'll wait to see the official attendance figures to judge if my impressions are accurate.

    I will say that I don't think I'll ever go to GenCon to game, it just seems too much of a hassle to register for event tickets online (and beat everyone else to getting a slot) and just focus on GaryCon to scratch my dice rolling itch. I do plan on focusing more on playing dealer demos next year, I demo'ed Red Ridinghood at Twilight Creations and it was fun. My Dad lives in Fort Worth so I might look into that, but I think next year I'll be going to Origens for a first time.

    Overall, I'll say it wasn't the most fun I've had at a GenCon, but I still be planning on going next year. Luckily enough I'm going to be moving to Indy next year so I won't have to get a hotel room! More money to spend on games, Hoody Hoo!

  5. ogrevampire

    ogrevampire Level 0 Character

    After attending Gary Con last year (2011) there was ZERO chance that I would every drive to Indiana for Gen Con. There was more Love, Respect, Courtesy and fellowship at Gary Con, than I have experienced anywhere else. I can't wait til March 2013.

    Thanks Gary Con and those attending to making such as special place.
  6. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    If we drop a major Con from our schedule, GenCon would/will be the first to go - and it is much closer to us than the others. We are on the fence about 2013 - probably will not bother attending.
  7. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Personally I don't go to GenCon to play in their events- other than Living Dungeon. It is too big and hectic. I really enjoy the smaller setting and the friendships that you develop at them. Of course I am biased, but that is why I think Gary Con rawks!
  8. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    I agree. I've not done much gaming at GenCon over the years and the games I usually get in are run by people I already know. Two things I've enjoyed the most at GenCon are the dealers hall and the auction. I'm starting to like the costume parade as well.

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