Promised Sands and Gen Con 2013

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    This year at Gen Con we ran 65 events with Sixcess Core. We had a phenomenal reception by fans who had played in 2012 and new folks who had never heard of us before.

    Sales were strong and brisk.

    In thanks, we're offering a new backer level in our Promised Sands kickstarter:

    We have added a "Gen Con Participant" backer level to our Promised Sands kickstarter. Get a copy of Promised Sands in full-color, hardback, with a kickstarter and Gen Con 2013 exclusive cover plus a limited edition Sixcess Core full-color, hardback, as well -- for $100! (Normally a hardback is a $60 book and limited editions are much higher -- you get TWO limited edition color hardback books for $100!)

    We cordially invite you to look over our Promised Sands kickstarter and humbly request your backing of our project. ... sed-sand...

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