Shadowrun Missions (Season 1 - SR4A rules)

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  1. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    For (potential) players:

    Shadowrun setting background:

    FAQ & character creation info:

    Please note that I would like all characters/players to start in GC SRM 01-01. I'd like to keep everyone at Gary Con on an equal footing in the beginning and therefore don’t want to allow any previously used characters. Plus SRM 01-01 is a pretty cool introductory premise, if a bit complicated (IMO). Characters are expected to be newbs to the shadowrunning world and must not have any Fixer contacts. If you have a pre-gen with a Fixer change it to Pawnbroker, Fence, or something.

    The below Pre-gens are for convenience only - they are not required, and may be tweaked (if you understand how). But you need a ready-to-go character when you show up at the Mission Briefing.

    Character_Tower.doc - if you want to make it easy for the other players and GM to see who you are playing and who you are

    Additional Resources:
    Character Calendar - used to track your Missions and to calculate and subtract your living expenses.
    Shadowrun 4A Concise Rule Summary and Index (.Doc)
    Shadowrun 4A basic Spirits (.Doc) - For Mages & Shaman
    Shadowrun 4A basic Sprites (.Doc) - for Hackers and Technomancers

    You can also look at: however you can ignore the Contacts section because Season 4 Contacts don't apply to Season 1 Missions. Since these Missions are converted and therefore no longer official, I doubt that experience from these Missions will be accepted at other cons (if they check / audit you).

    On Dumpshock Forums are some tools to help create and print characters without needing to do the math
    Hero Labs also has a plug-in for Shadowrun.

    I'm looking to make this a bit grittier than Missions at the major cons - so leave your pink Mohawk at home ( Shadowrunners are supposed to stay in the shadows as much as possible, let's keep it that way. Extreme fun is the order of the hour, but unrestrained violence with little thought might not work out so well. Ballistic mayhem and spell slinging is certainly fun most of the time, but finding elegant thoughtful solutions is often even more exciting. You get violent in a public place, you better be able to stand up to police scrutiny or get out of there in a hurry. You decide to stand your ground and battle the police then you better be able to stand up to the gunship(s) full of elite forces with combat mages that are on the way. Otherwise streets & sanitation will need to hose the slimy bits that remain of you into the sewers.

    GC SRM 01-01 lead-in:
    Maybe you are young and need to spread your wings or get off your arse; or maybe you are not as young as you'd like and need to make a change. You are not really sure if you will be able to pay the rent next month, or buy food if you are already on the street. You are bored, frustrated, and/or who knows what else, but one thing is obvious - it IS time to bust-a-move. The acid rains of your home town Seattle has done nothing to brighten your mood. You have been searching for a way to break into the mysterious world of Shadowrunning, trying to make that one contact that can give you that shot to show what you can do and soar from there. It's not just the big money that you hope to earn, but the excitement. Hopefully this Shadowrunning thing isn't just the biggest myth ever, getting blamed or credited for most of the strange or interesting things that occur out there...

    You stayed up 'til the wee hours of the morning today enjoying one of your favorite pastimes, or at least forgetting your worries while lost in a favorite distraction. Slowly, the ringing of your commlink permeates your dream of an exciting "Shadow Run". Wiping the crusty sleep from your eyes, you finally manage to focus on the time - 10:32 AM Monday, then the Caller ID field comes into focus - one of your most trusted chummers. The call is flagged URGENT!. Drek, "URGENT", so early in the day? This can't be good...I better take this...

    It seems that a friend of your friend is in need of some professional assistance, the sort that doesn’t come with too many legal strings attached.
    A meeting is taking place at high noon in Freeway Park, smack bang in the middle of Downtown Seattle. The meeting starts at midday on the dot and ends exactly an hour later. In that hour’s time, the attendants need to be assured that nobody is going to disturb them. That’s where you come in. For that hour, you’ll be performing peace keeping duties.

    I will keep updating this post with the latest info and post a new reply when I do so with a summary of the changes.
  2. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    For potential GMs:

    I want to run Shadowrun Missions for 2012. I might need a little help though.

    I have not been able to attract any Shadowrun Demo Agents for sure for this year, and I am not an official Demo Agent (yet) and have no Con RPG GM experience. I could use a few fairly experienced SR4 GMs to help me. I am in the process of converting the first 5 Season 1 SR missions to SR4 rules and would like to run those, maybe I could convert 1-2 more Missions if there is enough GM support and I find the time. I would be looking for each GM to run at least 1 Mission at least twice, but having Mission overlap between GMs (at least prep wise) would be desirable to cover contingencies. I will be running #01 (three + times) & #03 (twice). I have another newer GM that can run #02 (twice), and I have a Demo Agent that can only make part of the show and is weather-dependent but who can handle a few runs if he is able to attend.

    More to follow as things get firmed up.
  3. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Here are my current intentions:
    Event Title..........................................Game System......DM....Start Time.....Duration.....Event ID...Cost (GPs)
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-01 Mission Briefing.....Shadowrun (4A)....1.....Thur..Noon.....3.5 hours....112408....4 Points
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-01 Mission Briefing.....Shadowrun (4A)....1.....Thur..4:00pm..3.5 hours....116404....4 Points
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-02 Demolition Run......Shadowrun (4A)....2.....Thur..8:00pm..3.5 hours....120495....4 Points
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-01 Mission Briefing.....Shadowrun (4A)....1.....Sat..10:00am..3.5 hours....310405....6 Points
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-03 FORCEd RECON......Shadowrun (4A)....1.....Sat..6:00pm....3.5 hours....318405....6 Points
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-02 Demolition Run......Shadowrun (4A)....2.....Sat..8:00pm....3.5 hours....320402....6 Points
    Shadowrun: GC SRM 01-03 FORCEd RECON......Shadowrun (4A)....1.....Sun..10:00am..3.5 hours....410454....5 Points

    I will try to add 01-04 and 01-05 as I get commitments from additional GMs. I have a GM that should be able to run at least two slots of two events, but their attendance might not be assured until the Con starts. I am willing to try running more slots of 01-01 if the demand is there.

    I've updated both of the above posts.
  4. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    Are the GPs correct - different points for the same event, depending on which day?
  5. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Yes, the "cost" of events con-wide are reduced during non-peak times. To see a better example of this query GM Name "Peter". He is running Stargate SG-1 practically all day every day.
  6. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    Looks super interesting - although I'm certainly not qualified to run anything, a friend and I each picked up the new book shortly after release with the intent of playing, but never did.
    Good to know (if I understood correctly) that "beginner"-like players are doable. (Yes?) Albeit, I *do* have the book, so should be able to reduce my ignorance considerably - especially now having a reason!
  7. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    I'm working on a rule summary that might help players considerably (and me too). Newbs welcome - otherwise I'd have to leave :) No real prep necessary, just grab a pre-gen is the plan.
  8. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    Arrr. Or that, too, yeah. I've always liked the process of making a character, but if there was at least a way to see the pre-gen 'Runner ahead of time (the more the better), the more able to personally relate what I see/read in the rules to how those things applies to "MY" 'Runner . . . or, judging by the write up for the initial start, would-be 'Runner.
    Sounds cool...just that intro was already conjuring up ideas.
  9. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    Being as we're a couple months out yet, any objections with using the creation guidelines (as qualified by you) as opposed to a pre-gen?
  10. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Using the guidelines is fine. I also plan to post the pre-gens and summary and some other stuff once I get to that point.

    On Dumpshock Forums are some tools to help create and print characters without needing to do the math Excel based, make sure you enable Macros. Easier than the below, but not super easy IMO (Commlink is on the Hacker tab). This is editable/customizable if you have the skills. .NET 4 based

    Hero Labs also has a plug-in for Shadowrun.
  11. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    Those, sir, are pretty super to have and know. Love me some resources, tools, etc. Thanks for the info.
  12. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

  13. JediSoth

    JediSoth Troubadour

    The only day I had open to play this was Sunday, and according that the game description, I would've had to play in a previous scenario prior to playing in that one.
  14. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    I'm in the boat where I spent my points on mostly big-ticket events, and I also have my volunteer time pulling me. I absolutely plan to walk-up if I can manage it.

    I'm a crusty old shadowrunner, mostly 3rd ed., experienced but rusty. I would love to break out the ol' ruger super warhawk again.
  15. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    I'm looking at the Thursday 1-1 and maybe the Saturday 1-2, but points are just about used up.

    You never know how walk ups will go, but since it's a sequential deal, I wouldn't think 2 and 3 would need any more.
    If you were going to add anything, maybe an extra 1-1 later in the show (or maybe swap it for one of the 1-3s? or maybe have the GM prepared for either?)

    Did you run this at all last year? For something like this, my feeling is it's best to start medium-sized and build if there's good word of mouth and people get turned away.

    I'm just guessing of course, but those are my guesses, fwiw.
  16. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    I'm not looking forward to walk-ups, because that is gong to distract from people that are ready and willing to go. It will be especially bad when people have not played the 01-01 and want to get into 01-02 or 01-03. I will have to decide how much if at all to relax that requirement. On the one hand I love the intro premise, on the other scheduling can be a problem so requiring that first may be to much of a burden.

    I did not run any last year. I am new to GMing SR. Just ran the first two Missions with the home group as training, need to do 1-2 more before the Con. I agree on all your points. A lot of effort is going into it - hopefully it will be rewarding for all involved.
  17. silas

    silas Chevalier

    If I can free up some points (or get additional points, nudge, nudge, wink wink), I will sign up for the Thursday night session.
  18. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    Something I'm curious about: I've got myself and Dreb (in the pic over there with me) signed up for the Thurs 01-01 event at 4pm. Another of our old army buddies will be attending and we're hoping he's able to get our communique in time to get one of the remaining spots in that. BUT - what I'm curious about is, for example, Mission 01-03. In the description for it, it does mention doing Mission 01-01 first, so - is Mission 01-02 not required also for Mission 3 (i.e., the 'Runners simply need to wet their feet via the first run), or should 2 be played first as well?

    The two to three aforementioned (maybe Brendar, if he doesn't make the Circus Maximus championship and a slot's still available) of us are looking at the 01-03 mission at 6pm on Saturday (but have yet to register)(currently showing 6 slots available as of this writing).
  19. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Mission Briefing (01-01) is written about newbs, guys and gals that have not broken into the Shadowrunning world yet and have no Fixer (the folks that liaison between Runners and the folks requesting the covert ops). The way the module introduces the players to the Shadowrunning world and gets their feet wet is really cool (IMO); it's slick, amusing, and really damages your calm, errr I mean challenges the players to think. The fact that I like the setup SO much is why I really want people going through that first.

    Once you have 01-01 under your belt the order does not matter nearly as much and I am NOT trying to get people to do them in order after the first. There is still slight benefit in doing them in order if possible just because many times the macro storyline (the story arc) is advanced through each Mission.

    Like I said above, I may need to stop trying to be so ideal and not worry about people that can't manage 01-01 first. One administrative work around could be to not allow folks to buy any new hard-to-get or illegal gear or spend Karma (SR's XP) until after they've been through 01-01.
  20. silas

    silas Chevalier

    I have only played Shadowrun once, so I am a bit of a noob

    Is there a text I should get my hands on for this game?

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