So were exactly is it being held?

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  1. Hi,

    I have just found out about GaryCon and my wife and I are seriously thinking of attending. However I am somewhat curious about the address of the event. I don't want to get to Wisconsin and find myself unable to find the con!

    That would be embarrassing.

    Thank you,

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    Please check the front page and you will see the article with info ( and be able to register for a badges. You will need to do it twice (once for you and once for your wife).

    Gary Con II will be held 19-21 March, 2010 at the Lodge on Geneva Ridge in Lake Geneva, WI You can call them now at 800-225-5558
    to make a reservation. Make sure to tell them you are with Gary Con when you make the reservation to get the $79 special rate.

    Hope that helps you out and I look forward to seeing you at Gary Con!

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