There's room in the Tomb of Horrors for you...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scottmbruner, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    This will be my first GaryCon this weekend. I will be running a Tomb of Horrors 10-hour session on Saturday, which I'm very, very excited to run. I've done it before at DundraCon but never with OSR folks. I use the OSRIC rule set (which is basically 1E, it's just nice to have all the AD&D rules in one handy book).

    Anyway - I just wanted to post that there's still 4 spots open! There'll be breaks in the 10-hour session but it's always a joy to see how long folks can keep their characters alive. Would love to have any/all join who are intertested in braving the Tomb - possibly Gary's finest, and certainly most lethal, adventure. In all the times I've run it, no one has defeated the demi-lich yet, will it be you?

    Anyway - looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

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