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  1. red wizard

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    In addition to our regular official event line-up this year at Gencon, the DGS will also be playing some unofficial events from back at our Canterbury hotel suite, a.k.a. DGS HQ. So far, I have a planned a game of Mayfair's horror themed game, Chill entitled, Feed Not The Beast and if time allows, a game of my cold war era Top Secret S.I. entitled, The Oslo Affair.

    We are pleased to announce that Chris Hoffner, Gary Con's own event coordinator/web guru, will also be joining us with his Living World campaign for those who enjoy old school D&D! I'm sure Michael (Makerofthings) has some great games in mind and Colin (Silas) has not ruled out an informal session of Cthulhu by Strobelight, an awesome new era of Elder Gods and shag carpet! :D

    For those interested, my official event line-up will be:

    The Thrice-Born Champion -- Chaosium's 1st ed. Stormbringer
    In eternal Tanelorn the weary may find peace, even Elric of Melnibone. Yet when Tanelorn becomes the toy of a forgotten god, Elric must again take up the black blade. But he shall not stand alone.

    B2, Keep on the Borderlands (It's a classic!) -- 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
    The lord of a remote keep has asked you to journey forth into the infamous, Caves of Chaos, and put an end to the monstrous hordes dwelling therein.

    Full-Auto Negotiate -- Cyberpunk 2010
    Life's tough, so what. Since the last job, life's been good. Nothing lasts forever. When Lazlo dangled a job to retire on, you bit. High atop the Arasaka Tower it hits you, retirement is overrated.

    The Real McCoy -- Gangbusters (Another TSR goody)
    A lot of bad hooch gets slung in the juice joints, but don't believe the baloney. So when New York's big cheese sends you down to the docks, don't take no wooden nickels, bring back the real McCoy!

    Hope to see you there! :)
  2. francisca

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  3. sniderman

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    I'll be running three games of Mutant Future under the DGS banner as well. If you like old school gonzo post-apocalyptic mutants-n-mutations, I'd love to have folks sign up for:

    Weed World - Within the last month, the growth of vegetation has accelerated, threatening to overrun your post-apocalyptic village. Does a children's story of "The Devil's Greenhouse" hold the key to survival?
    (Ran at Gary Con...enjoyed it so much, I'm running it at Gen Con!)

    Gimme Shelter II: The Rushmore Salvage Job - NOW HIRING: Barter John needs up to 6 mutants to help secure and move four very large Ancient busts near the village of Blackhill. Must be OK with heights. Tools supplied. No mants need apply.
    (Sequel to last year's "Gimme Shelter" - a post-apocalyptic "dungeon crawl")

    Thundarr the Barbarian: Across the Dimensional Divide - Demon Dogs! A dimensional time-rip has appeared near "Indeenapliss." It must be the work of an evil wizard, but who? Join Thundarr, Ookla, and Princess Ariel as they try to save the world of 3994 AD!
    (And this one will close out within 2 minutes after registration starts, I promise ya. I may add a second run of this, or perhaps a "DGS HQ invite only" special run)
  4. makerofthings

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    Thundar must be run at the DGS Headquarters. :D

  5. red wizard

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    "Ookla, Ariel, DGS, RIDE!!!" :D
  6. geekpreacher

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    Blast it! I'm planning on going to GenCon this year but was thinking of only being there Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Now you guys are making me wonder if I should come sooner. *sigh*
  7. osarious

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    Hope to make it this year. :?
  8. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    We'll be there, not sure if we'll make any DGS presents...
  9. sniderman

    sniderman Chevalier

    Lords of Light! I swear by the Ancient Ones that this SHALL happen!

  10. makerofthings

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    I am overwhelmed with emotion, for the tears I shed are of happiness and joy. Thank you kind Sniderman, thank you. Thundarr Power Rings of Gaming for all!
  11. greywolf

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    Your games filled up quickly.

    I was able to get into one of Colin's games.

    I would love to get into some off the grid games.

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