Virtual Greyhawk Con 2020

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zarathon, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. Zarathon

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    My Greyhawk community brought me to GaryCon and at some point since VGC (Virtual GaryCon), we decided to do a virtual con with a Greyhawk focus.

    We've already got over 50 events and about 140 players, so if you'd like to play some D&D (all the editions, even Pathfinder, played in Greyhawk), then come join us!

    And if you're just into watching stuff, there's a number of Twitch Live Streams:
    Be sure to checkout Luke Gygax and Stephen Chenault on Jay's Saturday night game!
  2. Zarathon

    Zarathon Level 0 Character

    With a few weeks remaining, we still have seats in about 19 events! If you're looking to have a nice RPG game set in Greyhawk, why not come checkout the con? You can even browse the events first without buying the whopping $3.12 badge (the least that the event management software, TTE, lets us charge). All events are free.

    Be a part of the virtual con scene which we'll probably be talking about years later... "Remember when we couldn't go to any cons! Which virtual cons did you go to?"

    Also, coming up right afterward is Luke Gygax's Autumn Revel!

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