Virtual Greyhawk Con 2020

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zarathon, Aug 17, 2020.

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    My Greyhawk community brought me to GaryCon and at some point since VGC (Virtual GaryCon), we decided to do a virtual con with a Greyhawk focus.

    We've already got over 50 events and about 140 players, so if you'd like to play some D&D (all the editions, even Pathfinder, played in Greyhawk), then come join us!

    And if you're just into watching stuff, there's a number of Twitch Live Streams:
    Be sure to checkout Luke Gygax and Stephen Chenault on Jay's Saturday night game!
  2. Zarathon

    Zarathon Administrator Staff Member

    With a few weeks remaining, we still have seats in about 19 events! If you're looking to have a nice RPG game set in Greyhawk, why not come checkout the con? You can even browse the events first without buying the whopping $3.12 badge (the least that the event management software, TTE, lets us charge). All events are free.

    Be a part of the virtual con scene which we'll probably be talking about years later... "Remember when we couldn't go to any cons! Which virtual cons did you go to?"

    Also, coming up right afterward is Luke Gygax's Autumn Revel!
  3. Zarathon

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    Well, this Friday is the convention! Submissions for events are now closed. There are a handful of events with a seat or 2 open (and yes, you can register for them), but for the most part we're pretty well booked. If you're interested in watching some of the game play in the various editions, check out our live streaming lineup which is absolutely free to watch and everyone is invited!

    And don't forget the week after is Autumn Revel! Luke has put out the call for players, so come join the fun and get in a game.
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    Our first Hawktoberfest (Virtual Greyhawk Con) is in the books. With 236 badges issued and 70 events booked in, we'd class this as a success for the community. The streaming lineup experienced great viewership. We learned a lot from the whole experience. Do you have feedback? Head on back to the con discord and leave your thoughts in the hangout and talk text channel.
    The Discord will continue to operate and you can certainly run games there if you'd like. If you'd like to advertise your games and cons, use the gamers-seeking-gamers channel.
    This Friday, on Canonfire's Greychat (the voice channel), we will be reflecting on Hawktoberfest (VGHC), so come share your favorite moments, feedback, and anything else you can think of. Join the discord from the link here:
    Want to keep the good times going? Coming up next is Autumn Revel by Luke Gygax and GaryCon:
    On Sunday, October 11th at 4 PM EDT, LordGosumba and Bluebox will be on a stream for Autumn Revel, hosted by Fabled42 called "Transitioning Between D&D Editions"
    Later that evening, Jay Scott will be leading a seminar which will occur during his Gabbin show (take note of TIMEZONES as the convention time is in Central):
    Also this weekend is Save Against Fear and the New York Comic Con (which will have some AL games you sign up for at WotC's Yawning Portal):
    AAAAAAND at Save Against Fear, we have Greyhawk Reborn events!
    October 16th begins Virtual Tsunamicon with both Allan Grohe and our ZEF triad DM, John Dawes:
    Both folks have open seats, so come lend a hand!
    November 6th is Virtual MEPACON and Greyhawk Reborn has a bunch of events there:

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