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I am interested in...

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  1. I Want My Body Back!

  2. One Bite

  3. Star Grunts

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  4. Goblintown

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  1. Ray Otus

    Ray Otus Level 0 Character

    I'm torn about what to offer. Here are the ideas running around in my head. Vote for the ones you like and/or discuss them with me.
    1. Gaughan World: I Want My Body Back! Adventure in a sword and planet universe inspired by the art of Jack Gaughan, and using the system Warriors of the Red Planet (based on 0e D&D). Probably an adventure where some mad scientist has stolen your bodies and forced your brains into the various aboriginal intelligent creatures. Now you want revenge ... and maybe your body back.
    2. Dungeon World: One Bite. I am really comfortable running DW. (Also, I write Plundergrounds, a zine for it.) This would most likely be a one-shot intro to the system. I have various one shot sets, but I think I would want to do one where you are swallowed by a gargantuan sea creature and you have to fight your way through its internals, Fantastic Voyage style, aka a bio-dungeon crawl.
    3. Mothership (or Stay Frosty): Star Grunts. A Starship Troopers/Forever War style 3-planet campaign to save humanity from an expansionistic alien force, using the Mothership or Stay Frosty rules (not sure which). This one appeals to me right now, but I've never been in the military and am afraid I would be grossly incompetent at portraying it correctly. Still ... fake it til you make it, right? I've read enough military SF that some of it should have seeped through by now. The emphasis would be on three very focused and flavorful fight scenes, with some free-play in between that changes the nature of the war each time.
    4. Goblintown. (My own design, which you can get free here.) You are the worst of the worst. Goblins. A physically weak, resource-strapped, universally reviled race of screwballs driven by poor impulses. You live in a shithole of a cavern system, but it's your shithole. It's your home. And now something or someone is threatening to screw it all up. Can you survive long enough to scrap together some half-assed plan to save the town?
    Any feedback on these pitches is appreciated.
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  2. SoulCatcher78

    SoulCatcher78 Level 0 Character

    Toss up between One bite and Goblintown. Vote cast for One Bite since I've always been curious about Dungeon World but have never played one of the PbtA games.
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  3. SoulCatcher78

    SoulCatcher78 Level 0 Character

    If it's Goblintown prepare for some devious Viet Cong low tech style goblin shenanigans :)
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