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    Agreed. But I have spent many hours at it. Frustrating as hell. And also that PayPal are jerks and still manage to be the first choice for a merchant account for a lot of people...
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    Like your contest rules might not apply? :)
    If you're serious, let's chat sometime. I'm a freelance software engineer and would be happy to help out (on a volunteer basis) however I can for next year. I'm in Canada (Toronto area) but this sort of stuff is typically remote work anyways.
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    Hey, as long as you're in EST, you're fine with me. I'm in Orlando. I'll definitely be sending out a clarion call for more software volunteers for next year.
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    Staff has to make some tough choices for next year. in anything they choose they will annoy some people, as you can't please everyone. We all have ideas, and every idea is as important or relevant as any other, however the GC staff have to make that determination. Running a con is a extremely costly and chance venture. It is extremely stressful, time consuming and stress inducing undertaking. Gary Con isn't Gen Con, its a amazing supernatural experience.

    Last year my son and I spent time at Frank's home at the pre-party. Frank is just one of the amazingly kind, decent people you can meet at Gary Con. Aside from being one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, the man is so HUMBLE!! Dear God he and his wife open their home, baked and cooked and shared their lives with friends, and in our case complete strangers. I felt like I was in my uncles home, with distant cousins i haven't seen in years.

    You don't get that at a Gen Con or Origins, This is a special Con, it is Gary Con! One and only, never to be another like it ever. Relish it, enjoy it, share it! Life is fleeting, be proud and happy to be a part of it.
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