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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendar, Jan 30, 2016.

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  1. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    I do appreciate, though I didn't say that looking for sympathy rather just to explain why you all wont see timely resolution today.
  2. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    And at this point I'll gladly take you up on free beer offers.
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  3. Jarlaxle

    Jarlaxle Troubadour

    If you didn't get a confirmation email, check your spam folder...that is where mine wound up.
  4. tellion

    tellion Footpad

    That sounds more than reasonable. A round on me for the crew working behind the curtain.

    Alas, were it that simple... But I am no longer concerned knowing that we will get physical tickets in our registration packets on site.
  5. Jamie Hale

    Jamie Hale Level 0 Character

    I ended up double-booked for an event and need it canceled. Sunday (morning?) I submitted a request (per the registration 101 page) to have it corrected and indicated it wasn't a rush issue - I knew you guys were swamped. I have not received an email about it (spam or otherwise) and it is still on my account page.

    However, all the messaging since has confused things for me and it's unclear if I need to re-submit the request.

    Again, it's not time critical - I just need to know what protocol is.
  6. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    We will clean up double-booked events throughout this week. That one is relatively low priority and quite a slog of a manual process. We'll be prioritizing games that are otherwise sold out and then working on everything else. At this point we don't need any more contact on that problem if you've already reported it. We'll put out an announcement when we think that part is done, and if any of you still have duplicates we'll take new reports at that time.
  7. SavageGM

    SavageGM Level 0 Character

    So the system was compromised by some people who jumped the gun at 12pm on Saturday. The system was reset for 3pm and then, in most people's opinion a bigger issue at 3pm when registration went live, affecting a huge amount a registrations. Why wasn't it all set back once again, issue fixed and registration postponed?
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  8. Jamie Hale

    Jamie Hale Level 0 Character

    Understood, thank you.
  9. TravisChaos

    TravisChaos Level 0 Character

    Still have only received 1 silver badges' worth of coins, after having purchased two...
  10. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    Noted. I remember specifically when we got to your ticket on Sunday because it was an easy fix. I'll make sure they go back in.
  11. b_duckwitz

    b_duckwitz Level 0 Character

    I have no SP in my account even though I bought a badge ahead of registration, so I wasn't able to register for anything. I still have no SP in my account.
  12. rickwins

    rickwins Level 0 Character

    I have sent in a request for duplicate and overlapping games twice and have not seen anything happen yet. Is this lower priority and still in process or do I need to send again?
  13. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    If you've already reported, we're on it. If we announce that registration will be reopening (and we'll give plenty of warning) and you still haven't had your issue fixed, then contact us again because it means we missed you. There's still quite a few duplicates for us to clean up.
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  14. semo

    semo Level 0 Character

    I reported my issue via the Contact form yesterday, but have not received any acknowledgement or reply. I wish my issue was duplicates, but rather, I have nothing in "My Registered Events" although I only received "out of stock" notices for three of the seven games I was trying for. One of the four that I did not receive a denial message still has open slots, so I would think I would have been able to get it. My cart still contains those four items. Some friends said they were in a similar state, and when you folks did "something," their "My Registered Events" was then correctly populated. Please let me know whether I am registered for any of the items that are still in my cart (or anything I was trying for, for that matter.)
  15. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    If your "My Registered Events" information is empty, it looks to me like you did not successfully register for any events. That's a crap answer from your perspective, I know, so I'll see if we can take a closer look.

    I'm working on an update to give you all more information about where we are in the resolution process and specifically what you can expect if you are still waiting on results. As of now, most of your questions should be answered by the updates in the OP above and we're focusing on fixing your problems rather than communicating directly at the moment. For times' sake, we'll continue to communicate status primarily in this thread and any major announcements will be blasted on all channels, rather than approaching you individually unless we need to. For most of you, you're problem will be corrected without any direct communication from us.

    Again, if we announce our intent to reopen registration and your issue remains unresolved at that time, THEN contact us again.
  16. corwin1071

    corwin1071 Level 0 Character

    Thanks Brendar, I've been wondering where we were. I know we're all anxious to get our regsitrations finished up, and even an intentially vaque time frame of 'a couple days' or 'maybe this weekend' would be great. I understand it's a long process for our staff of volunteers and their effort is very appreciated.
  17. TempestLOB

    TempestLOB Level 0 Character

    I incorrectly registered for an event (Arachne's Armor on Sunday, 3/6). Is there any way I can cancel and register for another event? When is event registration opening back up again?
  18. Christopher Bunting

    Christopher Bunting Level 0 Character

    The last email I got said "The My Registered Events portion of your My Account page is accurate."
    It also said "If you received a registration confirmation email, it correctly reflects your registration status."
    I did get a confirmation email, and my tickets, but my registered events has nothing, and my coin pouch is full again.
    Can anyone shed some light on this.
    Thank you
  19. caddy1071

    caddy1071 Level 0 Character

    Let me preface this with I love Gary Con - it's my favorite and "home" convention as far as I'm concerned. I appreciate this is a volunteer endeavor... Prepare for tough love.

    That certainly is a crap answer from all perspectives. Gary Con is not cheap - the ticket prices have raised, we are travelling and purchasing hotel rooms, and buying hotel food. This has happened multiple times in the past where your registration system has errored out and people get no games because of site failures. Gary Con is 8 years long in the tooth, and this is completely unacceptable - I know I can say with confidence that we all love the convention and try to give leeway - I think that time has passed and for the price of our tickets we expect reliable tools for a 4-day (5 days for us because we come in on Wednesday) vacation, which we take two working days off (3 for my group) to attend the convention we love. Add that all together and tell me that you can blow off system failures and not do anything to compensate those who have trouble.

    I am incredulous that "we won't contact you, and don't contact us unless you still have a problem". What? Your system creates havok and unreliably works tickets and you don't think you need to provide customer service to those who had problems? Absolutely unacceptable. Review my list of costs above and tell me that our putting our cash and trust into Gary Con does not deserve a reasonable customer response and adequate resolution. Please think about this.

    I am very close to semo's problem - we were sitting right next to each other when the time came for registration and we both hit our submit buttons - mine processed, his evidently did not. Please take the time to review the facts of semo's problem:
    1. He received legitimate e-mails that he could not get into games that were sold out.
    2. His events showed up after the registration with nothing in it.
    3. One of the events he was registering for has 4 tickets left after the the site registration was shut down.

    That means, clear and simple - his order did not properly process - that is an error on your side. I don't know what you can do, but you folks need to do something. The failure rate for the past few years has continued, and your loyal attendees (we've been a continuous attendees since Gary Con III) are expected to continue to be understanding... I think the Con is old enough that these problems need to be vamoosed from Gary Con IX.

    That being said - I think folks that can prove their transactions were not processed and errored should be given >something< in good faith to make up for a failure which occurs on your side. (Free badge, hotel bar/restaurant gift card - something) They are being unduly penalized and left out of the fun due to site errors - that certainly isn't fair.

    I believe the community's loyalty and support deserves proper customer service and a serviceable registration platform. I feel Gary Con has let us down quite a bit with the failures of the system and then a pretty shoddy response in customer service. I hope for much better in the future, and I hope the convention I love rises to the challenge. Thanks for your consideration.

    Cory Welch
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  20. Cloak n' Dagger

    Cloak n' Dagger Level 0 Character

    While I know there would be a lot of people peeved at the idea of doing a third registration, it really would be the only way to be fair to everyone. Once the system is fixed and all of the bugs ironed out and tested to ensure working as intended, then it would be fair to open registration and let everyone have another crack at all events.
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