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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Buttmonkey, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. mwisconsin

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    We've actually brought this up to hotel management, and because we're planning on taking over the whole facility next year, I don't personally think this is out of the question. But it's not for me to decide. Suffice to say that we all feel the pain of lack of connectivity while on-site, and the hotel knows that there's a problem to fix, there.
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    But do they CARE?

  3. That's one theory, sure.
  4. Melf

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    I would suggest that people account for time to pick up their badges on Thursday morning and that they plan ahead realistically. If they want to play at 8 am it is best to come in Wednesday evening to get your badges. The staff was there daily at 0700 to open operations. Expecting less than an hour wait on opening morning of the show is optimistic. Especially as we keep growing by double digits percentages.

    However with that said, the staff has war gamed some options. More laptops to speed the process - also we are more experienced as this was year one for TTE. Second is possible mailing option for badges and tickets (if used). But that would cost postage and employee hours to accomplish.

    Again if you expect to play at 0800- and we don't have the mailing option rolled out for GC X, I highly recommend picking up your pre-reg packets on Wednesday.

  5. Melf

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    Good call Travis. My brother Alex would like to see some more Magic play as well.

  6. Melf

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    Yeah. It's more art than science and certainly there is a good amount of subjectivity. But I hope we get it right more often than not - or in the zone anyways.

  7. Melf

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    Free beer tomorrow!
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    Heck yeah! :cool:
  9. gmbarry

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    How about posting the times for Established events before event Submission... Some of us and newbies may want to schedule games and breaks around them.. The Picture, the auction.. Gygax family talks...
    I know many of the VIPs try to put their schedule out as early as they can...

    That can be a great help to some of us who are overly ambitious with running games and trying to get into VIP games and stuff...
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    I feel like I'm repeating myself.

    Pick your poisons, man...
  11. Steven Kreft

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    A line for handicap registration. I have orthostatic tremor and standing in line is absolute murder on my legs.
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  13. grodog

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    @mwisconsin, @Melf: if the Grand Geneva is interested in a scalable solution for site-wide, high-quality wi-fi, they can contact me at my work email: [email protected]. Ruckus is the world leader in wi-fi networking solutions for the hospitality industry (and various other sectors). I spoke with Scott Douglas about this last year, but we weren't able to do much about it during the convention itself.

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