What are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by sir jon, May 3, 2009.

  1. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    I'am currently playing the "Conflict of Heroes" series by Academy Games. Even got Mama liking it! :)
  2. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    Four of us play ADnD 2.5 edition every other Saturday. (We're looking for a 5th.) It's the one with Spells and Magic, Combat and Tactics and Skills and Powers. (We have added some house rules along the way but it says in the rulebook that you MUST do this.?! Right? )
    Three of us are long time players and DMs. The fourth guy decides HE wants to run the game for once, so we all agreed to let him try .....what a mistake.
    His first night behind the screen we fought the skeltons and we fought the zombies and we fought the Boss Ghoul . We rolled up the Talisman of Ultimate Evil for treasure (don't ask me which chart, there was beer involved) . As 3rd level characters !!! Naturally my dwarven Cleric/Rogue Graverobber...uh, archeaologist...HAD to touch it. Greed as a fault can be bad but it got me 5 extra skill points in something else, and it WAS the ToUE.
    To his credit, the new Dm got it back last weekend.
    I'll let you know how it comes out if anyone replys.

    Also, I've broken out...(maybe that's a poor choice of words here) all my miniatures for the upcoming GC3. Warhammer Fantasy has now come out with 8TH Edition. I was playing 3rd, with a bunch of house rules thrown in. That's how long they were in storage. I'm currently going thru the newer editions adding what i like. The dust and cobwebs give the "Blood Tower Keep" a 'homey' feel. I really hope someone can give it a good home. Winner of my Spells and Stuff event(s) can take it home. If they dont want it and feel that it can thrive elsewhere, by all means.
    I don't know how to post pix of it. I have sent a couple photos to Kaskoid. Maybe someone can get a hold of him to post them here. Then again, to me, most of the games you all seem to be playing here are over my head in rules or I am totally unfamiliar with them. I'd like to know a little about Gary's Dangerous Journeies.
  3. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

  4. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Now playing Serenity, AD&D 1st Ed., & occasionally Battletech.
  5. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    I played the Resident Evil deck building game a few times and have to say it's fun. Gathering up all those weapons to mow down them critters is rather enjoyable. Plus, the collateral damage rules with the grenade are a nice feature!
  6. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    That sounds like a good time. You should bring it to GCIII.
  7. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    I will have to buy a second copy because the one I bought went to my brother-in-law for Christmas. For the most part, I'd been playing the demo at my FLGS.

    I will see what I can do.
  8. kersus

    kersus Footpad

    SCHWA. Going to play Xenoforce soon.
  9. bloodymage

    bloodymage Chevalier

    Nothing except life games, which I'm losing badly. AZ sucks!
  10. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Just started a Top Secret SI game, so TS/SI, AD&D1, and Serenity.
  11. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    DJMGRPG (Changeling/Mythus) and Armageddon occasionally. :)
  12. lucailario

    lucailario Chevalier

    I recently spoke to my newest AD&D2Ed group about Dark Sun, they are a quite new group, they started about a year and a half ago with AD&D2Ed (in Italy the first edition of advanced has not been translated so is far more easier to play AD&D2Ed) and they accepted to try, this Saturday we will meet to create the character.
    I also play with a boy named Tony, he came to me asking for Dungeons and Dragons with a 4th edition book... I told him "wrong book if you want to play the true D&D" but it was the book his mother gave him for his 12th birthday so... shame on me... I'm playing 4th... :oops:
  13. JediSoth

    JediSoth Troubadour

    Just started (a few weeks ago) playing Pathfinder Society games. It's all I have time for, really, since I can't host at the moment and D&D Encounters doesn't appeal to me. It's not bad ... as long as the GM shows up on time and is prepared. I've played 3 times. The first time, the GM was on time, but wasn't prepared (to be fair, he showed up intending to play and was roped into GMing because there were enough people there to split into two tables). Fortunately, he knew the game and scenario well enough his prep-time was something like 10 minutes. The second time, the GM was late and unprepared. The game started 30 minutes or so late. At least he knew the scenario well enough that the session only ended 30 minutes late. The third time, the GM was 30 minutes late and unprepared. We started nearly an hour late. He didn't seem to know the scenario very well, and it sounded like he was trying to convert it on the fly from 3.5 to Pathfinder. He had a tendency to zone out and stare at me a lot, even when it wasn't my turn.

    Hmm...on second thought, it looks like I had 1 good experience, and 2 no-so-good experiences with it. I hope that's not the norm. I guess it's better than Not Gaming At All, right?

    Maybe I'll play WoW instead...
  14. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    Bummer, the DM of our small group (4 peeps) just bowed out for a couple of months. No more Labyrinth Lord for a while... I guess I will have to run some classic AD&D mods to fill the void...
  15. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    My friend Jimmy and I took advantage of the Presidents Day holiday to do a little one on one gaming (since our regular gaming group seems to have, at least temporarily, dissolved. We used AD&D 2nd edition and Castle Zagyg (yeah I know, a weird mix). Jimmy created 2 characters, a dwarven fighter (3rd lvl) and a half elven cleric/wizard (2/2 lvl). I gave each pc 5k xp to start things off a little easier and cut down on the massive low-level attrition we seem to always have. He hired a 1st level fighter and 3 0-level red shirts to travel with him...

    Rather than explore the caves under the Castle, he walked straight up to the front gate and paid the entrance fee. He then found the various goblin shops and I think he is going to claim an abandonded building as his own and set up house there. It will be interesting to see if he can establish equilibrium with the goblins or if he will simply try and exterminate them. Maybe the bandits will take exception to his residency... All in all, I am intrigued by his approach to try and co-exist with the surface monsters. If it works, it will sure beat having to hoof it back to town every so often...
  16. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    Still doing AD&D 2.5. Goblin thief, Minotaur fighter, Halfling cleric and Swanmay mage somewhere in Greyhawk atm.
  17. bloodymage

    bloodymage Chevalier

    Life. The game of the same name as the game.
  18. a flannel shirt

    a flannel shirt Footpad

    From my other posts I'm sure you gathered that I am in a Star Wars Saga game. I think I still have my crawl I made at the start of the campaign.


    That campaign was finished around November of last year.

    The pictures of one of the last sessions for that campaign are here:

    http://jolietgaming.proboards.com/index ... thread=415

    If you are really bored you can read the mission logs here:

    http://jolietgaming.proboards.com/index ... thread=226

    To sum up that campaign we freed the planet using a group of alters we found underground to capture the Sith spirits that were controlling the droids. Some of the Sith (big named) escaped due to us being betrayed by a group of rogue Jensaarai.

    As of now the current GM is running a campaign that centers around the Empire's new super weapon.

    You can tell we ignore canon.

    I am planning my MSH game for this con now as well as a basic d&d game.
  19. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    I tend to confine myself to play by post games these days due to time constraints. I currently run a Fasa Doctor Who game http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=45340&date=1302299006 , a Star Frontiers Game http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=45488&date=1301754407 and a Top Secret game http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=45310&date=1302186579 over on Rpol.net. I play, also on the same site, in an Amber Diceless RPG game http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=36375&date=1302321612 , which I started and up until recently ran, before handing the reigns to another so I could enjoy playing in the game. And I play in a D&D game ran by Silas over on our DGS site http://dgsforum.freeforums.org/quest-fo ... e-f32.html
  20. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    So in our current campaign of fun and wit, the group that's calling themselves the Alpha Men -- First Class (plus Kora), the 8 PCs and 4 NPCs (and their servants!) have all been transported to a "dreamstate" in an old Castle called Craig. Or so they believe. Odd, deviant things have been seen and defeated by all the members, who have valiantly fought and survived to date. Their goal? Adventure and experience in the good(?) name of the Fond of Justice League, the players' older characters who have settled down in a province of the free city of Dyvers.

    Spoken and mentioned in game this past Monday night was this little snippet: It could have been something like Melf's Ravenous Nightshirt that caused that (in response to seeing corpses in a bed that only had flesh above the coverlet line).

    So I now place it here as something for the GaryCon regulars to play with.

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