Gary Con IV

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by otto von grunwald, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. ErikinOregon

    ErikinOregon Level 0 Character

    I am very excited to finally be attending my first game convention to see old friends from my time in Germany, it's a con and reunion all rolled into one.
  2. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Forums Erik! Its been way to long since we last played games and hoisted a flagon together. Gary Con is a great celebration of my Dad's life and his greatest passion- Gaming! I am happy you are going to be there.
  3. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    Questions about badges:

    1) My lovely wife is not a gamer. However, she attends to help me wrangle the kids who are becoming gamers (some who played in the DCC game with them last year might actually see them a bit more experienced :D). Does she need the $5 badge?

    2) Is this the idea of the sub accounts? That is, do I have my wife and kids as sub accounts and put their badges under there - or do they have to have a registration as well?

    My apologies if these questions have been asked and answered...

  4. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    ...and to that I'll add a hearty, "w00t!!!"
  5. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    I did a full badge for me, youth badges for the 12 and 9 year old, and an observer badge for the wife. The 5 year is gonna be mad he doesn't get a badge.....

    I created subaccounts, switched to each account in turn, and purchased the appropriate badge.
  6. Donal

    Donal Administrator

    Francisca is correct. Use the sub-accounts for family members (or close friends) whom you are getting badges for and who have no interest in the Forums. One email address, username and password for the whole family.

    Although not officially stated, I believe the cut-off for Youth badges is probably 7 years old (8 to 12 will need a Youth badge).
  7. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour


    On my to-do list for today...

    ETA: Done! Thanks again!
  8. blackmote

    blackmote Footpad

    ...aaaand $30 later I am attending my first GaryCon! woot! :D

    badge purchased through PayPal.

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